Medical Center West Pharmacy has a large gift section for all your gifting needs. Choose from Melissa and Doug toys to keep your little ones occupied while they are not feeling well, decorative wall plaques and candles for your home, southern grown gourmet food items, and scarves and jewelry for that special someone. Stop by any time and one of our staff will be glad to assist you in choosing the perfect gift.


Bridgewater Candles

Bridgewater offers a scent line including not only soy blend candles, but room sprays, sachets and auto fresheners. Best of all, this candle line donates 3 meals to hungry children for every jar candle sold.


Michelle Design Works

This fabulous bath and home décor line is a best seller at the pharmacy. This line provides high quality products with beautiful packaging that you are sure to enjoy.

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Artistic Reflections

These whimsical towels are just the thing to bring a smile to your face. They are a favorite gift item here at the pharmacy.

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These touch activated lantern wax melters are a beautiful addition to any décor. They have three different settings and the glass insert can be filled with scented wax melts, or water and essential oils to add fragrance to your home.


Airome Diffusers

These beautiful diffusers add a designer touch to your home while allowing you to enjoy the benefits of essential oils. These diffusers offer a wide range of use options. They can diffuse at two different rates and can also cycle through a soft rainbow of colors or you can choose one color or none at all. Best of all,, the manufacturer offers a one year warranty.

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Sockwell Compression Socks

Sockwell's therapeutic socks are made from a combination of merino wool and bamboo creating a comfortable sock that wicks moisture away. These socks are available in moderate compression (15-20 MMHG) and firm (20-30 MMHG). With the variety of colors and patterns, you won't believe these are compression socks!

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European Soaps

Medical Center West Pharmacy is proud to carry Pres de Provence soaps. These soaps are made using all natural ingredients enriched with shea butter. They are quad milled to be smoother, have a rich lather, and last longer. The beautiful fragrances from lavender to gardenia to juicy pomegranate make these bars a favorite gift item.

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Collins Painting and Design

These beautiful wood box and burlap framed signs and frames are a great addition to any home. From inspirational verses to cute messages, these pieces of art fit in with all design styles. Buy Collins to decorate your own home or as a gift to brighten someone else’s day.


Swan Creek Candles

These candles are made from 100% American soybean wax. They are clean burning, lead free and a beautiful addition to your home. They are highly scented and each jar burns for 75 – 100 hours. The pantry jar collection that we offer comes in a reusable canning jar filled with fresh and captivating fragrances.

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Never Lose Hope Designs

This jewelry and t-shirt line has a bohemian, vintage feel and was created out of a desire to give back to the orphanages in Haiti that the artist visited on a mission trip one summer. The line is crafted here in the south and a portion of her proceeds is donated back to those in need. This jewelry is not only beautiful and encouraging to the wearer, but a blessing to others.

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Jilzarah Jewelry

Jilzarah is a premium artistry jewelry line created from polymer clay beads. Each bead is handcrafted and layered by hand, making each batch of beads unique. Moderately priced, these beautiful pieces can be put together to create a fun and unique gift for each individual.

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Melissa and Doug

This line of classic and educational toys was founded in 1988 and has been a favorite of parents everywhere. These toys will keep your child entertained and their brains working. We have a range of their products from sticker and coloring books to wooden chunky puzzles and dress up dolls.

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Wet It Cloths By Swedish Treasures

These super absorbent cloths are a big hit in our pharmacy. Made from cotton and cellulose they can absorb up to 6 times their weight. They are available in a number of adorable patterns and are eco-friendly, biodegradable and reusable. They can be washed in the washing machine or dishwasher and last up to 6 months.