Compounding Services

Compounding is the science of preparing personalized medicines for patients. Compounded prescriptions have ingredients mixed together in the exact strength and dosage required by the patient. This allows us to prepare medications to meet unique patient and physician needs. For our patients with allergies, we are able to compound medicines without those ingredients. This allows us to create products that can be sugar free, dye free, lactose free, gluten free and preservative free.

At Medical Center West Pharmacy, we strive for the highest product standards. Our pharmacist has 25 years of compounding experience. As members of PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America), we use only pharmaceutical grade products that are tested for potency. We also mill our ointments three times to ensure the smallest, most uniform particle size for better absorption.

Compounding corner

Compounding Corner: Rosacea. If you suffer from Rosacea, you may have a tendency to have red flushed cheeks, or it can even spread to the rest of the face, ears and back. If your current treatment is not helping, have your doctor talk with us about a compounded gel or cream that will be more effective.


Natural Hormone Replacement

A decrease in production of hormones is part of the natural aging process. This can lead to uncomfortable symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, irregular menstrual cycles, depression, weight gain, decreased libido, vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. Medical Center West Pharmacy works with your physician and you to formulate a solution to your various symptoms. These can be in the form of capsules, suppositories, topical or vaginal creams, sublingual drops and troches (dissolvable tablets).


Men’s Health

While women suffer from menopause as they age, men have a comparable issue called androphase. This is caused by decreased production of testosterone. Symptoms include a decrease in stamina, strength, libido, muscle mass as well as erectile dysfunction. Testosterone replacement is a well- documented solution for this challenging situation. Let us work with your doctor to prepare a product to help with these issues.


Our skin is the largest organ in our body and the most visible part of our body. As well as protecting our skin we want it to look good. Do you suffer from skin conditions such as acne, alopecia, eczema or rosacea? We can work closely with your dermatologist to create a topical solution for your condition. Do you have scars or a recent wound that is healing? We also have a product to reduce scarring.


Pain Management

Many patients deal with pain throughout their lives. Sometimes the medications taken orally to help with the pain can cause ulcers, kidney damage and bleeding disorders. Other side effects of pain medications can be drowsiness, dizziness, constipation and dry mouth. Medical Center West Pharmacy compounds a variety of topical pain preparations that contain medication, muscle relaxants and anesthetics. This allows the patient to apply the medication directly to the affected area without the side effects of oral medication. Let us work with your doctor to create the best cream for you.


Many patients struggle with chronic oral conditions that do not respond to conventional therapies on the market. These conditions could include a stubborn fungal infection, thrush, dry mouth, canker sores, ulcers and radiation burns. Here at Medical Center West Pharmacy, we have been able to help numerous patients with these conditions. We can compound a formulation that is not normally available. We can make mouthwashes, gargles, troches (dissolvable tablets), oral pastes, gels, oral sprays and suckers.


Pediatric Medications

Children have a variety of challenges when it comes to taking their medication. They may not be able to swallow a tablet or they may refuse to take a liquid because of the flavor. Sometimes the medication is just not available in a pediatric dosage. Medical Center West Pharmacy can help with these challenges by compounding medications into tasty suspensions, troches (dissolvable tablets), lollipops and topical dosage forms. We can also add a wide variety of flavorings to improve the taste of the medication.

VET PIC 2.jpg

Veterinary Compounding

We sometimes love our pets as much as our own family. It can be difficult to give medication because they do not like the taste, consistency or the medication is not made for animals. Medical Center West Pharmacy makes a variety of dosage forms for animals including suspensions, capsules, topical creams with many flavors to choose from. We can make preparations for dogs, cats, horses, gerbils, parrots, ferrets snakes and many more species. Have your vet talk with us about the possibilities.